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Nolato Treff AG
Taastrasse 16
CH-9113 Degersheim
Phone +41(0)71 372 55 55
Fax +41(0)71 372 55 01

Know-how since 1946.


This family company was founded in 1946 and has, since then, evolved from tool maker to notable expert for plastics processing. Treff AG has a stable group of shareholders and has become one of the largest employers in Degersheim and the surrounding region.

Over the course of more than 65 years, specialist knowledge about raw materials as well as the design of plastic-tailored parts and moulds, has continuously been expanded on.

Ever since, our enthusiasm for strong solutions, professional processes and first-class products has been a priority. We are ready for the future and willing to invest in our employees and our facilities.